Saturday, July 31, 2010

Lets take a round of Anarkali Bazaar, Lahore

Anarkali is a famous bazār (market) in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.Founded by Emperor Jahangir some 400 years back, Anarkali Bazar is one of the oldest surviving markets in South Asia. Originating from the Mall near Lahore Museum, it’s just like a maze of narrow alleys and lanes stretching northwards towards Old Lahore.
It has a captivating history related to the character after which it is named. According to the legend Mughal Emperor Akbar’s son Prince Salim fell in love with Anarkali, Emperor Akbar’s coutesan who was given the title of Anarkali; ‘Pomegranate Blossom’ due to her charm and beauty by the Emperor himself.

Anarkali Bazar is the oldest bazaar of Lahore, Pakistan, yet it has coped with the changing times by introducing new trends in business. Today it can be considered as one of the best business centres of Pakistan. Anarkali Bazar is divided into two portions, the Old Anarkali Bazar and the New Anarkali Bazar. The Old Anarkali Bazar is famous for traditional food items while the New Anarakli Bazar is famous for its traditional handicraft and embroidery cloths. Babar Handicraft and Gift Centre is the oldest shop located at 110 New Anarkali. It is famous for its quality of hand made products.
The mausoleum of Sultan Qutb-ud-din Aybak of Mamluk Sultanate is also located at Anarkali Bazaar. In the early 1970's, mausoleum was renovated at the orders of the then Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.

One of our fellows metrobloggers, who came to Lahore from Karachi describes her experience of Anarkali Bazaar:

“Anarkali was one of the first places that I wanted to see the moment I landed in Lahore. It’s not just a gigantic sprawling shopping mall-type place. It’s more like an entire village of twisting alleys and shops and stalls. It’s still a collection of sometimes wide, sometimes squeezed-in dirty, overcrowded, winding streets though. And if you start walking, it takes you about three hours to go through a decent slice of the place before getting sick of the weird stares and crazy bargaining and heading back to a far away parked car.

You can get everything from fake designer bags to shoes to wigs to clothes to lights to real and fake antique jewelry to books here. I’ve seen starry eyed people emerge from this place with shiny accessorized souls.
Most people don’t just take a stroll down this street though. They come here on missions. I’ve been part of inexpensive-sports-gear search teams and inexpensive-red-shawl search teams – all of which have found their heaven and retirement home and seas in different corners and niches of this place.”

Most recently, one part of this bazaar has been renovated and turned into a food street developed and maintained on lines of its better counterpart, the Gowalmandi Food Street.

So, here we present to the world, Anarkali Bazaar; a bustling monument of love to the living legend of Anarkali.

Photopgraphy by: Afzal Abbas

Entrence from Jain Mandir side

 Tea Shop, we have late night sittings here

Some desi food

and Old buildings

khandar bata rahay hain imarat azeem thee

British Era buildings, almost ruined

Lovely Architecture

Colors of Anarkali 

Like some artificial Jewelry?

Women love to shop here

and I love it all....


  1. Awesome pics.. Would love to visit Anarkali someday in life soon... I just wish Punjab and Pakistan Govt should take steps to preserve the culture and look after saving ruins and havelis .. Even old churches , Temples and Gurudwaras and Old monuments

  2. Nice post on Anarkali Bazar. I am curious as to what kind of bargaining/haggling one has to do at the bazar. I am from Delhi and in Delhi it depends which market you go and how good you are at bargaining. For instance in Karol Bagh sometimes you get the stuff at 10% of the initial asking price. I am planning to visit Lahore this summer. I would like to know more about the stuff which you could buy from Anarkali Bazar apart from clothes and jewelry.

  3. This reminds me of Chaandni Chowk in Delhi. Yeh galiyaan yeh chaubaara :)

  4. Lahore city mere shahar Lucknow jaisa hi hai. Anarkali market hamare aminabad jaisa hai. main aap ke lahore jarur aana chahunga . . mujhe aap ka sahar dil se bahut basan aaya .

  5. Lahore city mere shahar Lucknow jaisa hi hai. Anarkali market hamare aminabad jaisa hai. main aap ke lahore jarur aana chahunga . . mujhe aap ka sahar dil se bahut basan aaya .

  6. There is no doubt Anarkali bazaar is the best place for us to do shopping but these we can online shopping in lahore to save our time and money.