Saturday, May 29, 2010


I was running with drops of sweat pouring down from my head to toe. I was unable to stop myself. I was running for my life. I wish I could look back but I was too terrified. Somebody was following me, trying to chase me but I didn’t have enough courage to look at it. I did not know what exactly was chasing me. It felt as if I was running between two railway lines. Was it the train hounding me? I wasn’t really sure. I knew i must run and continued to do so or else everything would be destroyed. Therefore, I kept running for myself and for my life. However, eventually I got tired, I couldn’t run any further. Had pain in my legs, was having difficulty in breathing, eyes were gradually closing and the whole thing seemed like the end. The last thing that came to my mind was that, that “thing” will pass over me and I’ll be finished.
I woke up!
“It was a dream,” I thought. Smiled at my own foolishness and went out.
It was the same old world for me. I roamed around in the streets. There was nobody in the street. I seemed to be astonished by it for the reason that I could merely hear voices. I could hear noise made by children playing. Some women bargaining with the Sabzi-walahs while other men walking around discussing politics and other various issues. I didn’t see anyone though. I could perceive every sort of voice one comes across in daily routine but was unable to see any person. Was there a problem with my eye-sight? No! I could witness the rest of the things i.e. buildings, narrow and wide streets, houses… in fact everything! What I couldn’t see was any flesh and blood being. Suddenly a dog barked. It made me feel as if that ferocious creature was barking directly at me whilst moving closer towards me.
I ran towards the main road to hoard myself. On the road, there was a lot of bustling traffic. The road was full of activity with the moving vehicles, cars, buses etc. At last I saw some life there. It was a sign of relief. However, it made me traumatized as there was nobody in those vehicles, cars and buses. Not even a single living being there. Yet again, their voices were there.
This sight was intolerable for me. I couldn’t resist or defy all this. I tried to follow the voices; I desperately wanted to see someone… Any-single-living-soul!! I ran wandering place to place, unfortunately, to my disappointment, I didn’t see anyone.
My entire struggle turned out to be ineffective. I got tired. My breath was breaking.  Out of the blue I heard laughing reverberation. From all corners I was hearing giggles. I sensed everyone laughing at me. Yes! Everyone WAS laughing at me. I couldn’t stand this nonsense. I tried to pay no attention to them, but they kept on laughing and then those laughs became intense. I covered my ears with both hands and ran away to one side. The voices were following me... I kept on running… running to escape... running for me life. And the voices are still following me.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Lahore... My love

Lahore... City of my dreams…Lahore is not only a city but it’s a character.. The living character I dreamed of. Full of life, Enthusiasm, dreams, culture, history, and heritage everything you can dream about a city!
The best thing about Lahore is that it accepts everything and everyone. Trhis city welcome everyone with opened arms; just like mother.
I wasn’t born in this city. But I own this city. I am living here for about five years now and I never had feelings of an outsider in this city. This is my city.. I own it!! Today my city is burning and I am dying!
Today, Lahore was under attack once again. Lahore is under attack since hundred of year. From the 10th century A.D it had been attacked by the outsider. But the brave people of Lahore never loose their nerves; they built this city again and again. Lahore is thankful to the lovely people living on this land. And they will never allow any outsider or attacker to ruin the peace of this city. Although Zinda-e-Dilaan-e-Lahore are sad and disappointed today... But by the rise of new sun they will be united and with the new hope they will start a new life. This is what Lahore is.
Shadows of Terrorism are knocking the doors of Lahore. And I hope the brave lahorites will never allow the terrorist to siege this beautiful city!
This is the city of Kings, Artisans, Workers, Laborers and innocent people. We have to tell “others” that we are not dead. We are alive and we shall defeat the “others” by our power of will!! I hope things will be better soon.
Tonight, its full moon... But the moon is pale... Cool breeze is blowing across but you can smell the blood in the air… people are dreaming but not sleeping. The night is dark but dawn is not that far. We are hopeful and we shall be the winners!