Sunday, November 27, 2011

Glimpses of Old Karachi

Anglo-Vernacular School, Karachi - 1873

Anglo-Vernacular School, Karachi - 1873

Exterior of St Patrick's School, Karachi in Sindh - 1873

Exterior of the Parsi Virbaiji School, Karachi - 1873

Female prisoners winding cotton on spinning wheels in Karachi Prison - 1873

Girls' Class at St Patrick's School in Karachi in Sind - 1873

Group portait of female pupils, with their teacher, in the European and Indo-European School at Karachi in Sind - 1873

Photograph of a Class in the Parsi Virbaiji School at Karachi in Sind - 1873

Photograph of Carpet Weavers in Karachi Jail - 1873

potters at work, near Karachi - 1873

Prisoners Winding Cotton onto Spinning Wheels in the Prison at Karachi - 1873

Pupils in classroom in the Anglo-Vernacular School, Karachi - 1873

Students taking lesson in a classroom in the Anglo-Vernacular School - Karachi 1873
Source: The British Library