Friday, May 28, 2010

Lahore... My love

Lahore... City of my dreams…Lahore is not only a city but it’s a character.. The living character I dreamed of. Full of life, Enthusiasm, dreams, culture, history, and heritage everything you can dream about a city!
The best thing about Lahore is that it accepts everything and everyone. Trhis city welcome everyone with opened arms; just like mother.
I wasn’t born in this city. But I own this city. I am living here for about five years now and I never had feelings of an outsider in this city. This is my city.. I own it!! Today my city is burning and I am dying!
Today, Lahore was under attack once again. Lahore is under attack since hundred of year. From the 10th century A.D it had been attacked by the outsider. But the brave people of Lahore never loose their nerves; they built this city again and again. Lahore is thankful to the lovely people living on this land. And they will never allow any outsider or attacker to ruin the peace of this city. Although Zinda-e-Dilaan-e-Lahore are sad and disappointed today... But by the rise of new sun they will be united and with the new hope they will start a new life. This is what Lahore is.
Shadows of Terrorism are knocking the doors of Lahore. And I hope the brave lahorites will never allow the terrorist to siege this beautiful city!
This is the city of Kings, Artisans, Workers, Laborers and innocent people. We have to tell “others” that we are not dead. We are alive and we shall defeat the “others” by our power of will!! I hope things will be better soon.
Tonight, its full moon... But the moon is pale... Cool breeze is blowing across but you can smell the blood in the air… people are dreaming but not sleeping. The night is dark but dawn is not that far. We are hopeful and we shall be the winners!


  1. Hope is the thing with feathers
    that perches in the soul,
    and sings the tune without the words,
    and never stops at all.

  2. hmm...nice, but this is wrong shiraz...ab tumne itni taareef kar di hai lahore ki, mera mann kar raha hai main waha jaun...:(
    anyhow one day i will go to see these words turning into reality.......:P

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  4. oops...not the terrorism part......i just want to see the beautiful lahore as my friends describe it....:)

  5. ur simple writing style dragging me to visit Pakistan...Beauties r always innocuous...imaginable by reading...i wonder how beautiful Lahore as a sight would be!