Saturday, October 16, 2010

Love of Bulleh Shah: Shah Inayat Qadiri

Punjab is known as the land of Saints. The spiritual culture of Punjab gave birth to the many Saints and Sufi who spreaded the message of Love, Peace and Humanity. 

Shah Inayat Qadiri is also one of the Saints of this land. He was a Sufi saint of Qadari-Shatari Silsilah in Qasur, Punjab, present day Pakistan. Shah Inayat Qadiri is most well known for being the spiritual guide of the famous Punjabi poet Bulleh Shah. He belonged to the Arain community and earned a living through agriculture or gardening. He also lived in Kasur for some time, but due to the animosity from the ruler of Kasur, he shifted to Lahore, where he remained until the end of his life. 

In “Bang-i-Auliya-i-Hind” we find the following reference about Enayat Shah:
"From the tribe of gardeners was brother Shah Inayat,
He received honor from Shah Raza Wali Allah.
He earned his living in the small town of Qasur Pathana.
The ruler Husein Khan of this town was his arch enemy.
From there Inayat Shah came to the city of Lahore;
Two miles to the south of the city he made his habitation.
It is at this place that we find his tomb.
In 1141 he departed from this world."
Bulleh Shah says about his beloved teacher Enayat Shah:
“Bullah has fallen in love with the Lord. He has given his life and body as earnest. His Lord and Master is Shah Inayat who has captivated his heart.”

Shah Inayat Qadiri's mausoleum is situated at Queen's Road (Shahra-e-Fatima Jinnah). Lahore

Photography: Afzal Abbas


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