Monday, September 17, 2012

Life is Good - A little-known story

*message tone*
*picks up iPhone and checks text*
“Hey Buddy! Where are you lost?” *friend pings*
The AC wasn’t working; he overate–but then, the food was awesome–he felt it's hotter than usual –Damn! The Net's down…
*curses Rehman Malik*
“Hey, I am good, whassup?” 
Friend– “Do you know 300 people have died in Karachi, some fire incident in a factory? Haven’t seen you on twitter for a while also”
“OMG! Really?  My internet is down, haven’t checked twitter”
He doesn’t feel like switching on the TV.
Friend–  “Yeah man, poor souls. Heard some Bhatta Mafias were also involved”
“BC. These bad asses. We must do something about those poor people. Khair aur sunaa?”
Friend–  “Sab set!”
“What’s going on at the twitterverse nowadays?”
 *continues texting*
Friend–  “Same shit happening. PTI Trolls. PPP Jyalas. N League k Noorey. And then wohee Elitiye signing petitions. Lol”
hahaha. Kuch nahin badalne wala [Nothing will change]”– he was surely missing some fun.
Friend– “So true man, what else?”
He guessed it was end of the discussion and he was bored to his teeth. This humid weather was killing him. He looked towards the AC, which seemed to stare at him with a poker face; he picked up the phone to text back...
“You were telling about some fire incident? What happened?”
Friend–  “Dunno much. Some garment factory. Fire broke out and peeps were caught inside. Some 300 died, they say”
“hmmm… that's it?”
He was expecting something more from him, some "masala" story….
Friend–  “O Yea! Arab Spring hit the Arab world once again, hardly anything tho'....this time”
“What? What happened now?”
That seemed interesting.
Friend– “Man, some Jew made a blasphemous film. Protests all over the Arab world, heard of some in Pakistan too”
“Oh man, that blasphemer should be hanged to death, how does someone dare to do that”
*blood boils*
Friend– “Exactly man! A US ambassador has also been murdered. Yo!”
Yeh Cheez, SaloN ko sabaq sikhaana chahiye [That’s the way. We should teach a lesson to those rascals.]”
*feels happy deep inside*
“Do you know about the protest organized in solidarity with Karachi fire victims? Should we go?”
What the hell is he talking about–he thought.  “Itni garmi mein? [In this heat?] Nah man! I have some better things to do,” he replied.
Friend– “Aur sunaa”
“Nothing much, why don’t you come over? Will watch some shit, suna hai TDKR's cool”
Friend– “Man, sorry, am invited at a do.. .Nadeem ka pata hai na? Dude's b'day bash at his joint tonight. Full on scene hai”
“Chal okay”
"Sala C****iya"
*looks at iPhone and grumbles*
He stared hard at the AC; may be it ‘LOLed’ at him?
He turned to the Lappie but the modem’s light was still red.
He lifted his weight and waddled into the lounge.
He stopped in front of the fridge and picked up a Pepsi.
He switched the TV on and fiddled with the remote–flicking channels.
"Ah! ManU"
His favorite club played against some random FC… LIVE…
The AC sprang back to life...slowly purring...blowing cool air into the room...he felt sleepy...
"Van Parsie's rocking man!"
Life was good....


  1. Worth reading.Probably something read productive after a long time kudos!

  2. :P yea dude whastup :P
    cute I liked it