Monday, August 25, 2008

who am I?

Who am I?

This is question of my life.
sometimes I think I rule the world and sometimes I feel the desire of being lonely
Who created me and why Im here in this world what is thepurpose of my life?
what makes me happy and why I became sad?
Questions are for questions?
but in the dept there is something.
I wake up in the morning take break fast. rushes towards office, listen the lecture of my boss daily, tease my collegues, and another blank day of my life passed!!!
thats all.
coming back to home also doesnt make me happy either.
b'coz no body is waiting for me at home.
My parents, my bro, my sis all r in Rawalpindi.
what am I doin here?
No answer.


  1. his words say it all ...
    you are a true philosophy ...

  2. You are doing your part dear...and I feel that you are performing well. Break fast...boss...lecture...colleagues...9 to 5...going back home for doing all this stuff next morning...this is the basic hard core reality of living. There are many out there who may idealize the situation you have painted in your blog is such a heart breaking manner. Any how mot of us...the lonely souls rather ghosts are suffering from this sickness you have described here...lets get out of it....come on yaar do some thing....hahahahahahah

  3. Sometimes we write words or stories which emerged from an unknown direction but that bring a great piece of articulation and architecture. Shiraz Hassan is among those who despite their young age conceives more and more sober and lasting thoughts.

  4. Agree with Aamir Faraz adding that it seems as if you are trying hard to discover the real you that is yearning to be accessed.

    I won't like you and other youth of your calibre to say, after 20 years from now :

    Quaid tha mujh mein ikk ghana sa shajar . . .
    Buss, jaRRon say nikal nahi paaya . . .

    Better dive deep in the ocean of your real self and come out with the most valuable findings.

    Best wishes!