Tuesday, July 28, 2009


“Look there” She said pointing her finger towards a kid, who was in rags, running in the street, flowing like a river. I was standing with her in the balcony of flat, Feeling the music of rain with mugs of coffee. It was raining since morning. After the hot and humid week, it was a gift of Lord for us. I was feeling dead inside, Rain was reincarnation for me. 

Birds were chanting, music of showers was soothing, drops of water falling on our faces, layers of clouds playing like kids on the sky, watching the unseen and feeling the warmth in rain. I felt life at that moment. “Oh! That’s life” instead of looking towards that creature in the street I replied to her looking at her deep shining eyes. “What are you thinking?” She felt something. “Nothing, Bust wondering,What else I expect from this life" I said "What do you think the people who bring ‘sun shine” in our life are more important or the one who provides shadow” She gave a sad smile and came more close to me. “Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain” I replied putting my mug aside.

After few moments of silence, she jumped and asked again “Do you like watching sun set at beach or dawning?” Instead of replying her question I asked her “Do you like watching your son standing at the door steps or you feel more comfort when he comes back and put his head in your lap?” ….. (To Be Continued)


  1. hmm.........complete the story boy.......amazing beginning....

  2. intense conversation with depth of love in it :(