Monday, February 23, 2009


You may have read many definitions of life, every time you find new words, new phenomenon, new ideology about life. but question remains the same. What is life? Life means Death! Really? Have you ever imagined You are alive just after your death? or heard something like that I am alive because I am dead. Or you can say I am not dead that's why I am alive.
Life .. is nothing... But just a life.. Why we always compare each and everything with other. Life with death, Joy with Sorrow, Black with White, this with that and blah blah! I always keep one thing in my mind, we should enjoy and take pleasure of being what we are. We always try to show off to other which we are not. We should always accept, accept what we are. and what we are? you know you are? then you should try to figure out who you are? why we are? and what will be we?
Life is struggle... struggle for what.. confused? Yes am also.. why we are struggling so much in life? for status? for love? for money? fo job? for family? nah.. we are struggle just for life.. Life is the other name of struggle.. the one who can not struggle for anything or gets everything in his bedroom is not a alive person. he is dead ! so in our whole life we are just struggling for our death and when we are successful and achieve our goals we depart from this life. life mean just living a life. nothing more than that! wish you a happy life.. ha ha ha

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  1. rite! we r all struggling. its important for us to take things as they r and not compare....