Saturday, June 5, 2010

Among the living..

Among the living..

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Lahore is under siege! We are under attack!’ read the text message on a certain person’s phone. The phone owner hurriedly switched on the television, clicked the remote a few times to find his favourite news channel and seated himself on a comfy couch all set to watch some distressing scenes taking place in his city.
With eyes glued on the screen and hands with a firm hold on the mobile phone, he typed in to his friend who had informed him about this devastating terror attack, ‘Oh look! How the devil did that terrorist got up there!’
The first person who was in his office, and has been watching the terror scenes since long was getting frustrated now, ‘what the hell is the police doing!’ he texted.
The second person, sitting at home could not type anything but, ‘I just don’t know what is wrong with this country!’
The television was now repeating the same images revealed an hour go which showed the terrorist firing from a top building, people screaming and running away on the streets, police taking its position to counter the terrorist.
Few minutes passed and both friends were quiet for sometime as if waiting for the next move of the terrorist so that they have something to write to each other.
Soon the television screens were broadcasting some new images of the terrorist blazing bullets at the naive people who were trying to hide, trying to run away in an attempt to save their lives from a monstrous being that was destined to kill them all without any seemingly possible reason.
The person at office who was fond of watching national geographic documentaries started comparing the current scene on television with another scene on another channel. He thought, the scene is quite similar, for there also someone was running, hiding, trying hard to save his life from a beast, just like this scene on the news channel.
But the only difference was, the earlier channel was showing a human in action while the latter channel was capturing a scene from wildlife where an innocent deer was trying to save his life from a lethal leopard destined to kill him.
Few moments passed away, the terrorist got in full action, and the text message discussion also got in full swing.
Both friends sitting in a fully air-conditioned room were trying to analyze the thoughts, emotions and fear of the people under attack. Both were eager to share each and every move of attack and give their viewpoints on the scene as if the lives of those unlucky beings depended on this discussion or as if it was doing any good to those people who were the target of this ruthless act.
After a long discussion, the two people witnessing the scenes of chaos on the television screen seemed to be running short of words to discuss the scene with each other, and the person at office typed in: ‘May God have mercy!’
The person at home said with a deep sigh: ‘He better have mercy!’
But in fact they were not short of words they were simply getting bored of the repetitive images on the screen.
‘What if I was among them?’, thought one of the friend disturbed by the incident.
‘We live and we die, after all life is the name of moving on,’ other friend at home came to this conclusion in his mind.
‘Oh God! I have already wasted so much time worrying about those people who I don’t even know, I really should focus on work now’, the friend at office thought and got busy in work.
‘This is getting too much bloody! I can’t watch this anymore!’ thought the friend at home and switched the channel.
As the desperate conversation between the two friends came to a dead-end, so did the dreams and lives of many people who became an object of the fatal attack without any cause.
But of course why should the living spare many a thoughts on dead?
Even this thought seems really absurd that some lifeless and ghostly figures lying on the streets now were as real and alive just few moments ago as these two friends.

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